The Bedrock

The Bedrock of Performence, Emergence, and Ecosystems

The organizations and networks we lead and collaborate within continually evolve. At any point in time, there may be changes in staff, program delivery, client and participant needs, or even external conditions. And while these changes may be small or large, foreseen or unexpected, they often create a need for organizations and networks to adapt. These adaptations may be subtle and minute, they may be prolific and substantial, or they may fall somewhere in between. Once an entity successfully adapts to the new reality, it is better equipped to achieve its goals and fulfill its mission. By employing relevant tools, techniques and disciplines leaders can help their teams, organizations, and networks adapt, build, and create meaningful impact.


The Bedrock of Performance, Emergence, and Ecosystems: This introductory course and practicum combines training modules with guidance to provide both theoretical concepts with practical implementation so leaders can adapt, build, and create meaningful impact. Participants complete three (3) modules which highlight key tools, techniques and disciplines related to performance, emergence, and ecosystems. These skills and knowledge position leaders to more effectively engage opportunities and obstacles as managers, colleagues, and team members. Once the modules are complete, the participant engages in a practicum so they can begin employing the tools, techniques, and disciplines learned with the support of the instructor.


The course itself consists of three (3) modules which last two-and-a-half (2.5) hours each. These modules occur once every two (2) weeks. The practicum component includes four (4), one-hour (1) sessions over the course of three (3) months. All components are conducted virtually.



Performance refers to the desired outcomes and results of a team or organization, and the strategies necessary to accomplish them. Teams and organizations that preform at high levels, can have incredible impacts in the communities and markets they serve.  Performance speaks to the tangible, concrete, and measurable changes that result from the efforts of individuals and teams. During the performance module, participants learn about goal setting, strategy design, management and leadership profiles and structures, communication and difficult conversations, prioritizing and decision-making, and emotional intelligence, among others.



Emergence lets teams and organizations prepare for the unexpected, inevitable future. For emergence to exist, leaders and teams must create the conditions necessary to facilitate opportunity and connection that can then yield unanticipated yet powerful results and ideas in service to the mission. The emergence module covers agency and equity among leadership and teams, organizational change, team building, cultures of curiosity, psychological safety, diversity and inclusion, bias, VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity), and relationship building and expansion, among others.



Ecosystems are where performance and emergence connect. They speak to the teams and cohorts that exist within a unique organization, but also to the relationships that extend beyond the organizations physical, digital, and cultural walls. Ecosystems which nurture the conditions for emergence yield sustainable performance, not just within a particular organization but in the larger environment. The ecosystem module highlights components of systems thinking, behavior change, transformative leadership, movement building, disseminating shared language, network weaving, forecasting, and network analysis, among others.



Training in the course allows participants to receive just-in-time feedback as they begin to implement aspects of performance, emergence, and ecosystem within their own work, teams, organizations, and networks. Participants who engage in the practicum experience grow as leaders and colleagues by improving their technical and adaptive skills. Participants also tend to increase their leadership confidence and clarity as the lead and collaborate on transformative work within their organization and beyond.

Building Ecosystems For Sustainable Performance




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