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Welcome to Secoya Strategies!

Welcome to Secoya Strategies!

Secoya Strategies is committed to supporting organizations, teams, and leaders to build strong ecosystems for sustainable performance through design, practice, and systems that foster enduring growth.

Secoya (or secuoya) has a number of meanings throughout the world. For one, it is the name of an indigenous tribe found in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon rainforest – a tribe that has a close relationship to the local ecosystem including significant knowledge of native flora and fauna. It is also a tribe, like many others, defending its land and territory from oil companies and deforestation. Secoya is also a loose translation of the word “sparrow” in Cherokee – one of the most widespread wild birds on the planet. Lastly, secoya means “redwood tree” in Spanish. 

Coastal redwood trees (sequoia sempervirens) are a marvel of nature and employ many strategies to achieve their unique size, longevity, and beauty. Their presence and interaction with the environment around them, supports and strengthens the ecosystem within which they live.

Redwoods can grow to be 300 feet tall over the course of 500 years or more. Achieving this size requires an intricate system of capillaries, which pump water from the base to highest leaves. Those leaves interact with the moisture in the clouds, fog, and the air above. The condensation causes water to drip from the leaves down to the ground, watering the roots. Their root system digs about six feet deep yet disperse nearly 100 feet wide, interlacing with the roots of nearby trees. They gain stability from their connection to this natural network.

Similar to secoyas, organizations and teams build strong ecosystems for sustainable performance through patience, practice, and processes that foster enduring growth. Secoya Strategies serves the individuals, teams, networks, and organizations that are interested in this growth. 

At Secoya Strategies, we’ve been fortunate to work with many leaders and organizations throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe as they strive to create stronger, more effective, ecosystems for sustainable performance. If you’d like to learn more about who we’ve worked with, you can check it out in the “Past Projects” section of our site. And if you’re interested in exploring how exactly we could support you in your work, you can check out our offerings in the “Services” section. 

Finally, on the Secoya Strategies Blog, you’ll have the opportunity to read about tools and trends, from Secoya, partners, and friends about leadership, management, and collaboration for social change and impact.

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